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ARRC is a privately funded organization. We do not collect donations while rescuing or for transporting or releasing the animals. If you notice anyone collecting donations or funds, on behalf of Avian and Reptile Rehabilitation Trust or Avian and Reptile Rehabilitation Centre, please bring it to our attention by calling us or emailing us.  We will take the necessary action immediately.


A very limited number of volunteers are accepted yearly to help with various animal and awareness related activities. Please contact us to find out if there are any openings and if volunteering with ARRC is for you.

Fill this form and E-mail to  Based on availability of slots, we will reach out to you to discuss further. 

Release spots

Find Release Spots

The biggest challenge we at ARRC  face is finding suitable habitats for releasing the animals after successful treatment and rehabilitation.  In the ever shrinking urban habitats, it is a challenge to find safe spaces for wildlife.  If you know any space that is suitable for releasing squirrels or small birds, please write to us and we will work with you to setup the place for gradual releasing of suitable wildlife into that area. 

Are you an avid birder/nature lover ?  If so, you can help us spot sites where stable populations of birds/animals are observed.  ARRC would very much appreciate any up-to-date bird sighting data from the bird-watching community.

Build a community

Advocating for environmental and wildlife causes is beyond the scope of individual effort. To make a noticeable difference, it requires a strong community that is united in its passion for improving its local neighbourhood. By taking on environmental initiatives collectively, such as planting trees for habitat, keeping the neighbourhood clean, a community can make a significant impact. 

A community can expand its influence to other communities, thus resulting in a cascade effect which amplifies the positive impact. ARRC partners with local communities to find solutions for their human-wildlife conflict issues and provides ideas for conserving urban wildlife.

Stay connected

Stay connected

We at ARRC are interested in finding workable solutions to the problems that impact wildlife around us.  To effectively do so, we need your help to spread the word about our work, to help us achieve our mission and to collaborate with us in developing solutions.

The best way to stay connected to us is to follow us on facebook and instragram pages where we will share the details of our work and also post updates about any upcoming interesting projects.

Awareness drives

We conduct community awareness sessions and events to inform and educate people about the wildlife around us and how we can mitigate wildlife conflict issues while coexisting with them.  

If you know of any suitable event or venue that would benefit from our presence please contact us to discuss the possibilities.