Conferences and Workshops

Wildlife rehabilitation is a growing field with new knowledge being acquired and new standards being developed on an ongoing basis. ARRC actively contributes to the field by participating in International and National conferences and by conducting workshops for other Wildlife rehabilitation Facilities and Government agencies.

In 2019, ARRC presented sessions at the NWRA Annual Symposium, USA, ERN’s Avian Rescue and Rehabilitation Conference at Jaipur and conducted a session for the Pune Forest Department and RESQ Charitable Trust.

knowledge sharing

Established wildlife rehabilitation facilities are mostly located in big cities, however there is an active community of well-meaning individual rescuers and smaller organizations in small towns who attend to wildlife emergencies in their local towns.

ARRC tries to assist such individuals and organizations by providing knowledge, guidance on ethics/protocols and answering specific queries. If you are an individual rescuer or small organization from a small town and need guidance, please reach out to us.

Awareness for children

Children are our future. The children who grow up caring for the trees and animals around them, will become the conservators of tomorrow. ARRC conducts awareness sessions at local public schools to educate children about the dangers of manja kite thread and about environmental themes like waste management.

ARRC also designs environmentally themed summer camps to educate the children through games and hands-on activities. ARRC conducts formal Volunteer programs where motivated individuals get a chance to learn about urban wildlife and human-wildlife conflicts. Contact us if you would like us to arrange a session at your school, summer camp or if you would like to volunteer with us

Community events

Community interest in local environmental issues is growing. ARRC is committed to educating local communities about wildlife issues and human-wildlife conflicts in their localities.

Recently, ARRC presented awareness sessions at the Rotary Club Eco-friendly Kite flying festival and the Lake festival. ARRC is looking for opportunities to present awareness sessions at community events and engage with local communities to educate and empower local communities to address wildlife issues and foster a close bond with the environment and urban wildlife.

Poster campaigns

ARRC regularly creates posters and infographics to educate the public about environmental and wildlife issues with the objective of mitigating human-wildlife conflict and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.  No posters can be reproduced without prior permission from Avian and Reptile Rehabilitation Trust.  Posters can be used for educational purposes by as long as they are attributed.