Found An animal ?

Animals we DO NOT work with

ARRC does not work with the following animals. Click on the picture of the animal to get information of organizations that you can contact.

Monkey (Pic Credit: Augustus Binu, CC BY-SA 4.0)
Dogs and Cats
Exotic and Pet Birds
Exotics and Pets
Large Animals
Cattle and Farm Animals

Animals we work with

All Wild Birds
Small Mammals - Squirrels , Hares and all species of Bats
Injured Snakes and all other Reptiles

Procedure to report an animal

  • When you see an animal in distress, observe the animal to make sure it is truly in need of help.
  • Call your nearest wildlife rehabilitation centre. We can be reached at 9449642222 / 9620286800.
  • Click a picture from a safe distance without distressing the animal.
  • Send a picture of the animal and the GPS location of the animal through WhatsApp to the helpline number (9449642222 / 9620286800).
  • Do not leave the spot until help arrives. If you must leave, handover the animal to a responsible person and send their number to the helpline number. Confirm if it is ok to leave in the situation.
  • Do not feed water or food to the animal unless otherwise specifically instructed.  Do not attempt first aid to the animal without checking first.
  • Once the information is sent over the WhatsApp, you will receive a call from the rescuer giving you an estimated time of arrival and any instructions that you should follow before their arrival.
  • If you called multiple rescuers, please inform all other rescuers as soon as the animal is picked up.
  • Do not keep calling the rescuers or helpline unless too much time passes without any updates to you, the phone lines should be kept free for the rescuers to focus on driving and coordinating with the helpline.
  • Please be assured help will arrive, stay calm, do not stress the animal, control the crowd from intervening and follow the instructions at all times.

Dos / Dont's