Avian and Reptile Rehabilitation Centre

We rescue, rehabilitate and release Bengaluru’s injured, orphaned and diseased Urban Wildlife


ARRC’s vision is to build stewardship in the community towards the environment and encourage the community to live in harmony with the native wildlife around them.


ARRC’s mission is to establish a state-of-the-art wildlife rehabilitation centre that is equipped to treat and rehabilitate injured urban wildlife. The Centre will serve as a knowledge hub for addressing wildlife conflict related issues in the community by raising awareness towards co-existance while simultaneously developing best practices for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.


  • Treat and release diseased, injured and orphaned urban wildlife as per Indian and international wildlife protocols while also mitigating wildlife conflict in urban environments.
  • Develop standardized protocols for responding to public calls involving wildlife issues that ensures the interests of both the people as well as the wild animals are protected.
  • Developing diagnostics and treatment protocols for wild birds, reptiles and small mammals commonly found in urban environments.
  • Specialization in complex bird rescues common in urban environments like tree rescues (birds stuck on manja strings to the trees), warehouse and shopping mall rescues,birds stuck in balconies and other human inhabited places.
  • Increase scientific based approach in rehabilitation techniques and use technological solutions to improve standard of care for the animals.
  • Create databases of bird species and common types of injuries and locations where the wildlife distress calls are coming from and systematically address them through awareness and other mitigation methods.
  • Create a forum which brings together wildlife rehabilitation facilities, individual rescuers, Forest Department officials and concerned citizens together to address and mitigate urban wildlife issues. 

Let's come together to conserve Bengaluru's urban wildlife !!