ARRC does not work with pigeons, as they are feral birds and carry many infectious diseases which impact native wild birds.

If a pigeon is injured, please take it to the nearest veterinary doctor for treatment. After treatment it can be released or dropped off at a long-term care facility (see below)

For pigeons requiring long-term care, please discuss and drop-off the bird at the below Jain Temple at Rajaji Nagar. They provide basic care and food.

Google Maps Link: Shri Sankheshwara Parshvanath Shwetambar Jain Temple

Phone: 080-2340-9769


ARRC does not work with monkeys.

Please call one of below organizations for monkey rescues and rehabilitation.

People for Animals, Bangalore  Phone: 099-0002-5370/099-8033-9880  Google Maps Link Hours (24×7)

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre  Phone: 080-2294-7317  Google Maps Link Hours (Call for more details)

BBMP Monkey Catching Helpline Phone: 080 2227 7789​

Monkey (Pic Credit: Augustus Binu, CC BY-SA 4.0)


ARRC does not work with dogs/cats.

If you need a rescue, please post your case in the Facebook group “Animal Rescue Bangalore”. Many animal rescuers are active on that group and may be able to assist.


Please call one of the Rescue Centres below.

CARE (Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre)  Phone: 094-8391-1110 / 090-3599-9372 Google Maps Link Hours (Mon-Sat: 11AM-4PM, Sun: 11AM-3PM)

CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action) Phone: 080-2294-7300 / 080-2294-7301 CUPA trauma mobile: 098-4542-5678  Google Maps Link Hours (Mon-Sun: 10AM-5:30PM)

Krupa Animal Hospital and Shelter Phone: 098-8056-3690 Google Maps Link Hours: (Please call)

ALAI Rescues (Animal Lives are important) Phone: 097-3928-8282 Google Maps Link Hours (Mon-Sun: 9:30AM-4PM)

Precious Paws Foundation Phone: 097-425-43510 Google Maps Link Hours (Mon-Sun: 10AM-5PM)

Voice of Stray Dogs Email: info@strays.in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vosd.in/  Twitter: https://twitter.com/vosd1 Google Maps Link Hours (Mon-Fri: 9AM-6PM, Sat: 9AM-3PM, Sun:Closed)

Cartman Animal Hospital Phone: 091-0880-5001 Google Maps Link Hours (Mon-Sat: 8:30AM-8:30PM, Sun: 8:30AM-7PM)

Love For Forgotten Phone: 078-9996-7683 Google Maps Link Hours (Mon-Sun: 9AM-5PM)

Maruthy Dog Shelter Phone: 078-9977-4494 Google Maps Link Hours (Sun-Tues: 10AM-12PM, Wed: Closed, Thurs-Sat: 10AM-12PM)

Haven Animal Welfare Trust Phone: 098-4553-9880 Google Maps Link Hours (Mon-Fri: 10AM-3PM, Sat-Sun: 3PM-6PM)

Karuna Animal Welfare Association of Karnataka Phone: 080-2286-0205 Google Maps Link Hours (Sun-Sat: 9:30AM-4:30PM)


ARRC does not rescue or relocate snakes, but we treat and release injured snakes.

Bengaluru has four species of venomous snakes. Be aware of them and do not attempt to harass or handle them otherwise you or someone else could get bitten.

Snakes are an important part of the ecosystem and are excellent at controlling rodent populations. Please keep this in mind before reaching out to relocate a snake. Even if one snake is relocated, if the habitat is good, another one will take its place !

If you come across a snake outdoors (in your compound or garden), it is best to leave it alone, it will go away on its own. To prevent snakes from coming to your compound, clear any rubble or debris from your yard which gives good habitat for snakes to hide.

If you find a snake inside your apartment/house, please give it a clear path to exit and it will leave on its own. If the snake is not leaving on its own, you can reach out to the BBMP Control room 080-2222-1188 or one of the private Snake catchers listed in Justdial. (FYI: Private snake catchers may charge for their service, please negotiate the amount in advance)

BBMP Control Room: 080-2222-1188

Exotic and Pet Birds


ARRC does not work with exotic birds.

Many people keep exotic animals as pets, especially large parrots from South America. These are highly intelligent, long-lived birds and require specialized care and feeding. Many people acquire these beautiful birds, but are unable to keep up with the level of care required. Please do not release exotic birds into the wild, as they have lost the skills and instincts needed to survive in the wild due to captivity and will die a slow death from starvation or horrible attacks from predators. If you are looking to surrender your exotic pet, please find another enthusiast who may be able to provide the correct level of care for the animal

If your exotic pet is sick or injured, please take it to one of the veterinary hospitals (below), that specializes in exotic species.

Cessna Lifeline Veterinary Hospital, Domlur Phone: 076-7636-5365  Google Maps Link Hours (24×7)

Bangalore Pet Hospital Phone: 080-4113-2727  Google Maps Link Hours (24×7)

Large Animals (COWS/Horses/DOnkeys etc)

ARRC does not rescue or rehabilitate large animals like cows, horses, donkeys etc.

For any large animals police need to be informed, as they may belong to someone, before a rescue can be attempted. Please call 100, inform the police, then inform a rescue center. if the large animal is on the roads, then inform traffic control room.

Please call the following organizations for large animal rescues

Police:  100

For Injured Cows, Horses, Donkeys:
CUPA Large Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre Phone: 080-2294-7317 Google Maps Link Hours (Call for info)

For Cattle
Akhila Karnataka Prani Daya Sangha Tel: 080 2553 2204  Google Maps Link

BBMP :Cattle & Monkey Catching Tel: 080 2227 7789

Sambhava Phone: 094-4955-9767 / 080-4097-7216 Google Maps Link

Know any Rescue/Rehabilitation Organizations doing good work?

ARRC is interested in creating a network of professional organizations to guide the public to the right organization.

Share your experience and help us keep a strong network alive !